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Product design for innovators.

Brush Technology is a technology design company based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We're into smart technology, great websites, and reliable software. We are your one-stop-shop for digital product design.

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Some of the great technology we provide:

  • monitoring solutions
  • medical training simulators
  • software engineering
  • home & farm automation
  • custom machine controllers
  • website development
  • online shopping & commerce
  • high quality graphic design
  • search-engine optimisation
  • remote access & monitoring

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Our software services

Out-of-the-ordinary software.

Our software’s great. But it’s our focus on your business goal that sets it apart.

It's not about the clever technology we use. Rather than just proceeding blindly according to your technical specifications, we work through the design with you to help make your good idea into a brilliant success. Find out more about our software engineering services or get straight to the point below:

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4 great reasons to choose Brush to build your software:

  • we're not afraid to voice our expert opinion, which means a better product for you
  • between us, we have 40 years of experience in the software industry
  • we provide long-term support for all our solutions
  • our professional project management ensures minimal scope creep
Our electronics services

Electronics for a better world.

We're really good at reading circuit diagrams (so you don't have to).

But that's not what sets our electronics solutions apart. Like when we helped Baycity Technologies monitor milk temperature for Fonterra, or helped Airway to help train doctors, we love to build technology that helps people. Find out more about our electronics design services or get straight to the point below:

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3 great reasons to choose Brush to design your electronics:

  • our solutions are business-focused (but our technology is also top-notch)
  • we involve you at every stage
  • we don't just place components, we write software & firmware
Our web development services

Websites your customers love.

We live & breathe great websites.

We're pretty sure that's exciting news for you. Find out more about our web services or get straight to the point below:

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4 great reasons to choose Brush for your website:

  • we make it easy for you to keep your website up-to-date
  • we build ultra-smart, dynamic, database-backed websites
  • we involve you in the process of creating your high quality design, and provide long-term support
  • we have a team of qualified software engineers (unlike many web companies)