A sample of our hi-tech solutions.

Formed out of an engineering team, Brush is heavily into technology. But it is really our breadth of product experience that shows you how we work the whole product together. This is a snapshot of the value we’ve provided for clients.

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This is our telemetry product for monitoring beehives in remote areas, saving significant costs on travel and lost yield. Initial research in Australia suggests honey yield increases of 18%.

We have an extensive history in remote monitoring. We know what it takes, and we've put all that knowledge into HiveMind. Find out more

Bronchoscope Simulator


Our tracking and sensing electronics & reliable firmware have helped Airway Ltd's Bronchoscope Simulator achieve First Place Scientific Award at the International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) in May 2011.

The electronics on this device are controlled by just-like-real-life hand controls & levers, giving trainee doctors a way to improve their skills.

At the business-end of the device is a “fake lung” which appears on the screen in 3-dimensional graphics just as if the light-pipe & camera were moving around a real lung.

Baycity Technologies

Diagram of Baycity UAD
We’ve worked together with Baycity Technologies to bring Fonterra this well-equipped electronic design using wireless networking and the world wide web to ensure their milk stays at temperature.
  • Electronic sensors log data at the vat
  • A mobile link to the server allows data to be sent & collated
  • Graphs on the web allow Fonterra to keep a close eye on things

Hamilton Jet

Linux PC

Embedded development and automated testing of waterjet control systems for Hamilton Jet, the pioneering waterjet manufacturer.



A financial web service for collaborative funding: secure transactions, escrow funds, voting, and negotiation. Behind the scenes, advanced AJAX, complex database engineering, and up-to-the-minute backups – resulting in a clean, functional, and highly usable design.

Linux in a box of cards

Linux PC

Smart doesn’t mean big. This high-tech embedded Linux computer features serious connectivity with multiple USB and LAN ports and can drive a full-sized industrial colour display.

And many more...

We haven’t listed many of our best clients & projects yet, but businesses we work with include Pharos Systems, ILR, Bluewater Systems, and others. Do ask us about our other projects.

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