Measure and improve your industry with IoT.

Connecting everything to you is the first part of our story. Satellite, WiFi, wireless mesh, cloud, cellular and 4G technologies are all pieces we've used to solve this puzzle.

For humans, we turn this into slick online dashboards and insightful reporting using modern web server tech and HTML5 UX.

product design

With well-executed tech, the devil's in the specifics.

Like the tiny optical sensor array we crafted for fine motion tracking, the custom aircraft life calculations we fine-tuned for Flightcert, or the low-power mesh-to-satellite communication system we built for beehive monitoring. Every industry—and every product—has a unique set of requirements.


Execution is everything.

We're not uncovering any new laws of physics. But what really adds sizzle to a new product is how well it achieves what everyone knew was possible, but nobody else had the vision for.

You have that vision. That's why you're here. We're here to nut out the touches of tech detail that make the difference.

Product design for tech innovators

Brush Technology is an internet-of-things design company based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

We provide circuit-board design, software development, and user-interface design services to innovative folks like yourself who need more than a mere caffeine-fueled late-night hack.

We love working with clever technology, and while we have a depth of knowledge in areas you'll probably wish you'd never heard of, much of our best work is built on the shoulders of giants. We're keen to get to know you and your industry better and build something great together.

So get in touch!

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